Character Bible for a real-life story.
December, 2017
3D animation for a fictional character.
May, 2018
Of innocence
Animation and Graphic Novel on being a victim of child abuse
January, 2018
Animated Services Video for 'Wishbox Digital', a design firm based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
July, 2018
Fishermen of Krishna
A Documentary on the fishermen of the fourth biggest river in India.
February, 2018
NID Design Festival 2018
Event Design—Branding, Structures, Installations for a annual Design Festival held in National Institute of Design, Vijayawada.
May, 2018
Conveying a hard-hitting message about the current scenario of Eve-teasing in India.
October, 2018
A Stop-Motion animation film on Plastic and the harm it causes to animals.
September, 2018
Indranil's Namaskāra
Animating a GIF for this website
December, 2018
Harry Potter
Animation for an educational video that demonstrates the archetypes of the film 'Harry Potter'.
November, 2017
Documenting the people, nature, culture and perceiving the environment of 'Namburu', a village in Andhra Pradesh, India.
April, 2016
Jury Presentation, II year, NID
Show reel for the work produced in IVth Semester of NID.
May, 2017
Hand Gestures
Capturing Hand gestures of people working on a construction site in Namburu, Andhra Pradesh.
August, 2017
NID 3rd Foundation Day
Web banner animation
October, 2018
Self Caricature
An attempt to reflect self on a digital medium.
May, 2017
Fight Song
Performance on 'Fight song' in National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
October, 2017
Galipatam 2017
Icon Design for 'Galipatam', an annual kite festival celebrated at National Institute of Design.
May, 2017
Galipatam 2018
Form-correction for the logo for 'Galipatam', an annual kite festival celebrated at National Institute of Design.
January, 2018
Film-editing and Sound Design for a Stop-motion film on 'Anxiety'.
October, 2018
Plot Structure and Character Analysis
Analysing the Animated short, 'Piper'
November, 2017
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
Album Cover, posters and philographics for Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, an Indian music director and a Hindustani Classical flutist.
December, 2016
Space Form and Structure
A four-week workshop on Space, form and Structure in NID.
October, 2016
Indranil's Clay model
Making a clay model to understand model-making for Animation.
October, 2018
Layers of Solitude
A narrative depicting solitude and loneliness.
October, 2017
Character design for a beauty website.
July, 2017
Work display of 'Typography' and 'Advanced Typography' workshop held in NID.
October, 2018
Illustrations for 'Wishbox Digital', a design firm based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
October, 2018
Harry Potter
Exploring Adobe illustrator, transforming a Poster into a vector -style.
October, 2018
Exploring Acrylic colors, Oil colors , Charcoal and Pencil as tools for creating art.
October, 2014
Logo Design for 'Ace International Film Festival' held in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
January, 2018
Game of Thrones
Portraits of characters in the TV series 'Game of Thrones'
September, 2014
Logo Design for 'Neopearl', a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in 'Tarachand Hospital', based in Pune, Maharashtra.
April, 2018
August, 2015
Branding for a hypothetical lifestyle channel "GO" Which includes the process of logo construction, and stop motion for the channel promo.
July, 2017
Mascot Design for a healthcare, wellness and fitness website.
June, 2017
Burger King
Poster for a food chain company
May, 2017
Wacom Packaging
Studying the packaging design of 'Wacom Intuous'.
April, 2018
Logo Design and Product design for 'Solkadhi', a famous appetising drink produced in Maharashtra, India.
May, 2017
Exploring the art of Graffiti using soft pastels on chart papers.
May, 2017
Logo Design for a Student Mentorship Program held annually in IIT, Mumbai, India.
May, 2017
Sound Design and Screen-writing for an Unstaged Dialogue
October, 2017
iPhone 7 Camera
Making advertisement for an existing brand
September, 2016
Branding for 'Motif', an Art and Design Academy based in Pune, Maharashtra
May, 2017
Invictus Engineering
Logo Design for an Engineering company based in Pune, Maharashtra.
December, 2016
Betel plant cultivation as Packaging
Illustrating the process of Betel Plant cultivation and looking at it as a form of 'Natural Packaging'
April, 2018
Machine Learning
A view on current scenario and a comment on the future of Machine Learning
October, 2018
Some of the sketches from Sketchbooks owned since 2015
October, 2018
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