The Krishnakriti Festival 2020, curated by Mr. Abeer Gupta was held in Hyderabad from January to March 2020. The visual design was finalised by Adira Thekkuveettil.
Visual identity for Krishnakriti Festival 2020
Aim of the festival:
The festival aims to historicise, explore and showcase ideas around making, across art and design by locating ideas of agency and authorship within global developments of economy and technology.
As the title implies, the festival focusses on making as a concept while placing the maker as a focus and the interrelation between maker and the craft and the emerging concepts from this correlation like agency and authorship.
To design a visual identity for the festival, words relating to the concept are written down. Out of these, five words connotative to the festival theme are chosen. These include person, craft, community, experience, materials and processes
​​​​​​​Finalised Identity:
A series of colours are thought to visually depict the tone of this theme. The finalised colours are inspired from the actual crafts. Multiple colours in the identity are thought to be beneficial for depicting the different words.
The Identity composition starts with the 'K' lettermark with the colours derived from this year’s theme. Then comes the clubbed abbreviation for the festival, 17thKF2020, initially ‘Krishnakriti2020, 17th edition’ Then comes the most important in the hierarchy, the theme of the festival, ‘Makers and Meanings’ which is relatively larger with the tagline. The textual content appears in a font similar to the last year’s festival.
1) Equal emphasis on theme and organisation lettermark
A composition that could appear at instances visual identity is being introduced

2) Added emphasis on organisation lettermark
Another way to compose with lesser height and larger length. Could be used when the logo appears as a header.

3) Emphasis on organisation lettermark
A composition that could appear at instances on collaterals and posters, where logo is just indicative.

4) Added emphasis on theme
Changed position of theme name to stand out within the identity so that it could appear at instances where the importance is placed on displaying the theme.

Web banners, social media cover images for the inaugural exhibition
LED Poster and standee for the inaugural exhibition
Social media posts for workshops
Use on social media

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