This section showcases the series of posts designed for an art exhibition on oleographs and chromolithographs in another venture of Kalakriti India, the Kalakriti Art Gallery. The posts designed include composing different oleographs to bring out stories through compositions to promote the exhibition on social media.
This exhibition showcases the oleographs and chromolithographs, the mass printing production techinques that flourished in the 1870s. Oleographs of M.V. Dhurandhar, Bamapada Banerjee, R.G. Chonker, Vasudeo H. Pandya, C. G. Ramanujam, Hiralal of Nathdwara, P. Mukundan Tampi are used in the exhibition. To promote this oleograph exhibition, a series of posts are to be designed for appearance on social media. The following content is to be used in each of the posts.
Posts series 1
Emphasis on particular parts of this painting is created, by cropping the print into parts in order to narrate the story. These crops are composed and left with a blank space on which the exhibition details and the venture logos appear. Following pages show the different compositions to fit the various sizes of the different social media.
Emphasis is brought through frames for the depiction of 'windows'. The lines are created to direct the eye to look at the painting and also read the exhibition information hierarchially.
The lines used for previous compositions are used in a curved fashion in these compositions considering the portrait used in this oleograph. The wordmark for the event is placed in a square box outlined with the border of the oleograph.
Five oleographs appear in this post. They are cropped according to the area of emphasis. Blank spaces are created with the placements of the photographs where the exhibition information is placed in hierarchy. This is also an attempt to show the variety of material to be showcased in the exhibition.
Use of posts on social media

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