Indranil Ujagare

'Indranil', (meaning 'blue-coloured sapphire'), likes the colour 'blue'.                           
21 years old, he is a Designer, specialising in Communication Design, based in Pune, India.
Currently pursuing his final year in Under-graduate Design education in National Institute of Design, India. 

Passionate about Design, Art and Music.                                                                                Learnt Indian Classical music for 4 years, Tabla for 3 years and Drums for 2 years.    
Altruistic, Neutral, Versatile.                                                                                    Bathroom singer, Hygienic. Prefers wearing plain round-neck shirts.                                                                                            
Likes to make people laugh; okay at being laughed upon. 

Indranil is not available on any other social media platforms.
However he checks his mails regularly. 
You can reach him at 
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Photograph by Ayushi Rawat