Bella Ciao with Laura Rejo
Our take on Bella ciao, (goodbye beautiful), an Italian folk song sung by the mondina women in the late 19th century as an expression of resistance against their adversities. It was later adopted as the anthem of the anti-fascist resistance by the Italian partisans against the Nazi Germany. A recent example of this politically layered title can be seen in the latest crime-drama La Casa de Papel.
We bring to you a cover on a meaningful Punjabi folk song by Rangle Sardar and When Chai Met Toast— ‘Karam’ 

It's often believed that no one has control over fate. Defying this myth, this song expresses that there's nothing more powerful than ‛Karma’ ― one’s own deeds ― in deciding the outcome of all efforts. The rhythm and the music beautifully compliment the lyrics in conveying the message: “Believe in yourself!”

This Independence Day let’s acknowledge this freedom of thought and belief and celebrate the optimism that this song communicates! 

Lots of love to our NID AP family @nidandhrapradesh. We hope to bring more covers portraying our spirit and enthusiasm. 

Do checkout the original song available on YouTube in the Equals Sessions. 
The copyrights to this song belong to the artists. No copyrighted infringement intended.

Indranil on drums for Rachel Platten's 'Fight song' cover performed at NID, Ahmedabad. It was an Open mic session and the performance was impromptu; decided fifteen minutes before the session started.
Video quality is low, High quality video will be uploaded soon. 
Singer - Mahima Kamath. (

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